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October-November 2018

Pligrimage to Népal

June 2017



We had the great joy to welcome the Venerable Lama Teunzang at the Garden of Great Compassion.

In front of nearly forty fallowers, he gave the Teaching on the text of Gampopa The Precious Garland of the Supreme Path, a text that gives advice on all aspects of the path : Gampopa clearly explains what is good to adopt and to reject.
He also conferred the Empowerment of Dorje Sempa and dedicated the location of the future stupa.
Several people took refuge on this occasion.
These few days were rich in teachings for all participants.



September 2016


In mid-September, the Venerable Lama Teunzang came to bless the farm and the surrounding land. Thus, the Venerable Lama Teunzang, Lama Tsultrim Gyamtso and Droupla Palden recited prayers and sacred substances were dispersed in all places of residence.


July 2016

Lama Kunkyab taught the practice of Chenrezig based on the comments of the fifteenth Karmapa and of Gendun Rinpoche.

As he is an artist who received the instructions to paint tankas, he showed us how to represent all parts of the deity. This exciting teaching was followed by a dozen people, including three children and all were delighted to learn about this art.




April 2016

Lama Tsony Jungnay taught “The Poetry of Enlightenment : Freed Voice, Liberated Songs”, which are a treasure for advice and inspiration. He relied on the Songs of Milarepa, and he also read and explained Chants of women who attained Enlightenment at the time of the Buddha. Whatever their status, daughter of king or slave, secular or nun, their concerns, their suffering, their aspirations are close to us and the poems reflecting their inner realization are high in teachings easy to understand. More than 25 people attended these very motivating teachings.



May 2015

Venerable Lama Teunzang honored us with his presence in the Garden of Great Compassion.

In front of nearly forty followers, he gave the Teaching on the text of ‘Red Instructions’ of the Noble and Great Compassionate including the essential practices of the Union of the Great Seal and Great Perfection. This text was written by Karma Chagme Rinpoche (Without-Attachment) (1613-1678).

With great generosity, he also conferred the Empowerment of Chenrezig and a Teaching on the text of ‘Calling the Lama from Afar’, and also, he gave the Bodhisattvas Vows and gave Refuge to two persons.




July 2014


Lama Kunzang came to teach Lodjong practice, which, in Mahayana and vajrayana, is essential to develop altruist boddhiccita.














May 2014

Venerable Lama Teunzang honored us with his presence in the Garden of Great Compassion.

On this occasion, he gave the Empowerment of Chenrezig, as well as Dorje Sempa to an assemblyof more than twenty people. With greatavailability, he also practiced the birth veils purification (tru seul) for a baby, gave refuge vows to one person and answered questions s during meals, sometimes with humor. It was a highlight for all participants.



November 2013

Lama Tsony Jungnay came to teach Mind Training, “The confluence of the two rivers.” An assembly of 25 people attended this profound teaching, a path for achievement easy to understand and to bring into our daily lives.

May all good wishes come true for relative and ultimate happiness of all beings!