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Renovation work on the farm continues …

When have started the renovations since Spring 2017, thanks to the participation of many.
To keep renovating the farm, we still need your help!

Read more to be able to help us …



At present, the association can house a maximum of fifteen people. Since the number of followers of the place has more than tripled in seven years, we really need to increase the capacity of accommodation.

That is why during the year 2015 we decided to buy the neighbour’s farm, which is for sale and located nearby.

View of the Hermitage and the farm

    East part of the farm                                                                                                          The agricultural land

The association was not able to carry alone such a large project and so the idea came out to buy this building with several followers of the place who want to support the activities of the association. So the building was divided in two, one half for the association and one half divided into a five part condominium.

The price for the part of the association was set at 108,000 euros and for the condominiums at 177 000 €.

In November 2015 we filed two building permits, one for the association and for the condo, to restore the entire farm. We also signed at that time the compromise with the SAFER, who accompanied us in our project.

In December and January, we had to provide more documents to meet the requirements of a public building (fire safety, disabled access …). Thanks to the mayor, who supported our project and went to several meetings, everything was agreed.

But at that time, it appeared that the necessary electricity supply to the project would be a problem.

Actually, ERDF must to provide 36 KW for the association and 60 KW (5×12 KW) for the condo, even though we do not need such an abundance of KW. The supply of these 96 KW requires large and expensive works for an amount of € 100,000, and € 60,000 are the responsibility of the municipality.

This is a huge budget for a small town of 300 residents and the City Council, while supporting our project, voted against this expense of € 60 000.

After several meetings with ERDF which failed, in mid-April, the mayor had to refuse the building permits according to the law.

We filed an administrative appeal to the mayor, hoping to find a solution during this two-month period during which the mayor can change his decision.

And indeed, a final meeting with ERDF led to a solution: only the association bulding permit is accepted, and the 36 KW necessary will be provided without cost to the municipality.

With no bulding permit for the condo, one couple withdrew the project and their part will be bought by the association. All the other co-owners are ready to take the risk of buying without a bulding permit to make this project possible.

We are all pleased that the administrative procedures of a year have finally lead to a the building permit for the association: it will allow to realize our wishes for the development of the place.

We have already bought a backhoe, a truck and a diesel tank (full). We have received donations in kind (tarpaulin, geotextile, 500 delta ms and reed plants). which will allow us to achieve this year the phytopurification for wastewater.

We are confident for the future and encourage generosity and participation in the work of all those who support this project, so that this place can develop for the benefit of all.


The necessary help:

To do work on the building, we will have to call again for your support and generosity. This work will be carried out according to the financial situation of the association. We will keep you regularly informed of the progress.

Also, for all this work, we call on all those who can bring their help.


We thank all those who have already sent us a donation and all the benefactors of the Garden of Great Compassion, who will support us to carry out this development project of the hermitage for the benefit of all.

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A great thanking for your trust and support.